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How to install the new font
- step by step -

1. Click on the "Download ZIP here"


2. Pop-up windows shows :

  3. Click "Save" to download the file to Your computer.
4. Double-click the ZIP file You have just downloaded.
(You need to have WinZip software installed on Your computer.
Something similar might work also)

5. The pop-up window shows:

6. Then click once on the file and the click "Extract" to un-pack the font file.

7. Open the "Fonts" from the Control Panel :


8. Select the "Install New Font" from the File drop down menu :

9. Find the folder where You have unpacked the font/s.
Select it (or them) and click OK :

10. That is it. You have now installed new font/s and all programs
on Your computer can use it.