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January 26

Word of the Day
Definition: (adjective) Lacking authenticity or validity in essence or origin; not genuine; false
Synonyms: inauthentic, unauthentic
Usage: The professor explained to the student that her essay had received a "C" due to numerous examples of spurious reasoning.

This Day in History
King Edward III of England Is King of France (1340)
One of the longest reigning kings of medieval times, Edward III oversaw the expansion of England into Scotland and France. Edward's parentage and his prodigious offspring provided the bases for two lengthy and significant events in European history, the Hundred Years' War and the Wars of the Roses, respectively. In 1337, Edward declared war on King Philip VI and, victorious, made himself "King of France," a title that would be claimed by subsequent British monarchs. Until when was this title used? More...

Today's Birthday
Douglas MacArthur (1880)
MacArthur is a major figure in the US military and diplomatic history of World War II and post-WWII. As general of the army, he helped conquer the Japanese Empire and played a major role in rebuilding the nation and drafting its first democratic constitution. Although a hero to many, he was suddenly relieved of duty by President Truman at the height of the Korean War. Why was he dismissed? More...

Quotation of the Day
It is useless attacking the insensible.
(620 BC-560 BC)