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February 7

Word of the Day
Definition: (noun) A bitter, colorless alkaloid powder, derived from cinchona bark and used in medicine to treat malaria.
Synonyms: antimalarial, Peruvian bark
Usage: Since quinine is used in tonic water to give it a bitter taste, gin and tonics were once consumed to prevent malaria.

This Day in History
The European Union Is Founded (1992)
The pacifist Victor Hugo proposed peaceful European unification as early as 1851, but it was not until the devastation wrought by WWI and WWII that steps were taken to unify the states of Europe. The European Coal and Steel Company was established in 1951 and the European Economic Community, the first full customs union, in 1957. The latter was renamed the European Community and now serves as the "first pillar" of the European Union (EU). How many member states does the EU have? More...

Today's Birthday
Sir Thomas More (1478)
More was an English lawyer, writer, and politician who earned a reputation as a leading humanist scholar. He held many public offices, including that of Lord Chancellor, during Henry VIII's reign. He is remembered for his book, Utopia, which describes the perfect society, and for his principled refusal to accept the King as the head of the Church of England--a decision that ended his political career and led to his execution for treason. More later became the patron saint for statesmen, lawyers, and politicians. More...

Quotation of the Day
Imagination grows by exercise and contrary to common belief is more powerful in the mature than in the young.
W. Somerset Maugham